KAPA UK are a company setup in association with the 5 main karaoke companies, to stop and legitimise the illegal use and download of  backing tracks in the UK.

As a venue, we are looking for your co-operation in the enforcement of the law. It is one of your responsibilities as a licencee not to encourage or allow any illegal activities in your venue(s) and the use of illegally obtained backing tracks fall under this remit.

The Venue’s Role
If you use an entertainment provider, we ask you to check that the EP is using legally purchased backing tracks. In order to measure and control these enforcements, an officer from our agency will be visiting venues in all areas. You maybe have already received a letter. KAPA UK suggests that you tell the presenter or company that you use for entertainment, to keep proof of purchase with them at all times for inspection.

If you as a venue would like to check your entertainment provider is legal, contact us with their details through email on or call 08444 777 994. A KAPA UK membership simply authenticates that the licensee’s karaoke & backing track content has been sourced legitimately, venues hosting live shows must also ensure they comply with ALL the relevant licenses in regard to public performances that include karaoke or music.

Choosing to ignore or encourage the use of pirated backing tracks in a premise will lead to KAPA UK passing on details of the offenders to the licensing boards, and under their licensing objectives, they will take appropriate action. Other bodies, such as Trading Standards organisations will then take further action against infringing venues.

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