‘KAPA UK work alongside the 5 main backing track and Karaoke manufacturers in the UK, to protect and prevent the acquisition and use of illegal backing tracks.’

KAPA UK | Karaoke Anti Piracy Agency

About us
The Karaoke Anti-Piracy Agency UK (KAPA UK) has been established to tackle the huge problem of illegal karaoke usage in bars, pubs and social clubs in the UK

We have been tasked by the 5 main Karaoke manufacturers/providers in the UK (Sunfly, Zoom, Mr Entertainer, SBI and Abraxa) to try to stop the use of illegally acquired backing tracks and karaoke videos in all venues in the UK. These efforts are being made in conjunction with the BPI (British Phonographic Industry), PRS (Performing Rights Society) and the PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd).

Our Aims
Our primary aim is to build a large membership of officially sanctioned/accredited KJs (karaoke jockeys), DJs, karaoke hosts, entertainment providers operating under the KAPA UK banner. Each sanctioned member will receive a validation certificate, a (credit card sized) membership card. Membership costs just £25 a year including VAT. As part of our efforts to combat piracy we are planning to encourage landlords and other karaoke bookers to ask for KAPA UK membership cards when booking karaoke.

Legal users of karaoke and backing tracks are invited to apply for KAPA UK membership and take advantage of the opportunities and benefits available to members.

For users of illegally acquired karaoke and backing tracks you will notice that we are very serious about our objective to stop this practice. Over the coming months we will be visiting venues in your area to discuss the legal situation and repercussions of allowing the use of illegally acquired karaoke and backing tracks in all premises. Venues and backing track users will be receiving letters from K.A.P.A UK requesting proof of purchase information regarding the karaoke assets used in live performances.

The supply of this information is crucial, and once you are a KAPA UK member you can take advantage of benefits including the ability to perform at KAPA UK approved venues then you will need to provide evidence that your collection was purchased legally; be it receipts or some anecdotal evidence that the karaoke manufacturers can verify.

Penalties for use of illegal karaoke
Any users who has been, knowingly or unknowingly, using illegally acquired karaoke/backing tracks will be invited to discuss the source and provenance of their content / catalogue. They will then be offered the opportunity/option of making a one-off reasonable settlement payment to KAPA UK and the karaoke manufacturers in order to avoid legal action. If accepted, users will have 14 days to pay the agreed sum. Once the payment has been received the user will be become a member of KAPA UK, and be issued with a certificate of validation and a membership card.

What can you do to help?
If you or someone you know is using illegal material and you would like to resolve the issue contact us directly through email info@kapauk.com or call 08444 777 994 (this number is chargeable).

All information is dealt with securely and with confidence.

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