Settlement Fee

If you are in possession of illegal obtained/acquired backing tracks there are two options available. If you are a legal user please refer to certificate page.

Option 1:
If you are using, or have access to illegally acquired backing tracks and you wish to become a legal user and member of KAPA UK, please contact us directly. We can arrange a home/work visit to assess your collection. We will offer an settlement fee based on the content possessed by an individual or company. You must pay the settlement within 14 days, and in return will receive a certificate of authentication from KAPA UK which you can show to venues you work in, or will work at in the future.

Furthermore, you will also be required to sign up for regular updates from one or more of the karaoke manufacturers. Certificates must be renewed annually for £25 from KAPA UK and a new membership card will be issued accordingly.

While our job at KAPA UK  is to ensure the copyright of the manufacturers is adhered to, we are here to help all users become legal and to help you avoid legal action. It is important to realise that having a certificate will show your prospective customers that you are legal and professional about your trade. Becoming a KAPA UK member will help you keep exsting bookings and potentially put work your way.

If you have any questions or queries contact us directly using the details provided.

Option 2:
You as a company or person are using, or have illegal backing tracks. You refuse to comply with KAPA UK regulations. If you refuse to comply with KAPA UK regulations all details will be passed on and all relevant legal measures will be pursued.

It is important to be aware, that the venues you work in should not be allowing you to work in their venues with illegal material, and will face consequences themselves if they choose to do so.

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