If you accept the settlement payment you must then subscribe to purchasing a minimum of 60 tracks a year from any of the manufacturers.

Are you already legal?
If you are in possession of legal backing tracks, you will be issued with / will have a certificate to show for inspection and to the venues you work in. We hope that all venues in time, will be asking for a certificate to either keep you working, or to secure new bookings.

In order to receive this, simply join KAPA UK and for the price of £25 we will carry out a check on your material and provide a certificate.

What you receive:
You will receive your certificate which will be valid for one year, as well as 3 anti tamper proof stickers will be provided 1 for you to stick on storage device 1 will be on your certificate and 1 will be on your membership card.

Please note, if you are in possession of multiple systems, a certificate must be issued for each.

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